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Dynamic Frank Sdn. Bhd. (DF), a subsidiary of the Frank Group of Companies, expanded in Year 2004 as an ISO9001 certified plastic compounding and colouring company, which actively involved in the manufacturing of various range of Masterbatches, Dryblend/Pigment Preparations, Pre-mixed Material and Polymer Compounds, under the registered trade name of:

       • DYNABATCH ® - Masterbatches
       • DYNABLEND ® - Dryblend / Pigment Preparations
       • DYNAGLASS ® - Glass-Reinforced Compounds
       • DYNACON ® - Conductive Compounds
       • DYNASTAT ® - Antistatic Masterbatches / Compounds
       • DYNALOY ® - Other Plastic Compounds

The variety range of products are eligible for various industries needs, such as Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Insert Moulding, Extrusion Sheet, Extrusion Film, Inflation Film, Profile Extrusion and etc. Besides, the company also handles the trading of various polymer resins, such as styrenic base polymer and other engineering plastics.

Dynamic Frank production plant is equipped with highly sophisticated machinery to support the manufacturing of various range of products in order to satisfy the requirements and needs of customers from different industries. Up to Year 2012, Dynamic Frank occupied 6 single screw extruders and 9 twin screw extruders with different machinery specifications supporting monthly productivity of 1600MT. Yet the company is in the midst of expansion to increase the number of extrusion lines, to achieve monthly capacity of 2000MT in order to fulfill the up-trend demand.

To stay competitive and innovative, Dynamic Frank is equipped with own Laboratories for the use of daily product quality inspection and assurance (including all Incoming, In-Process and Outgoing Checking), new colour matching as well as functional product development and study.

The company laboratories posses various technological advanced testing equipments, such as Colour Spectrophotometer, Melt Flow Indexer, Universal Testing Machine, Heat Distortion Temperature Tester, Charpy Impact Tester, Densimeter, Surface Resistivity Tester, Powder Content Sieve Shaker, both Horizontal and Vertical Injection Moulding Machine, etc., together with a variety of supporting equipments, to aid in the Physical, Mechnical, Electrical and Thermal Analysis of different product range, in order to ensure consistency of good quality and innovative products for our customers.

In response to the market shift and demands, Dynamic Frank performs annual raw material analysis to ensure that the range of raw materials used are in compliance to the various regulations such as RoHS Compliance. Also, the majority of the company products are under Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Coverage.

Dynamic Frank always have confidence in delivering consistent quality products to the customers at competitive pricing as well as to ensure the best attention and services are provided. Should you need any further information, our team of competent sales personnels are looking forward to handle all your enquiries. You can be rest assured of our product quality and reliable services at all times.

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