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  About Us

Long-term Goal
Our company is a leading starch base glue additive's manufacturer & supplier in Malaysia. We offer extensive range of starch additives used in starch glue for the corrugated carton. The applications are classified as: Modifier, Water Resistance, Stabilizer, and hardener. Our additives products are widely used in various sectors of industry such as electrical / electronic component, toy and food industry.

Customer Requirements
♦ To have a shearing stability product
♦ Energy saving, reduce heating energy
♦ Strong tack
♦ Better water / moisture resistance
♦ Increase board hardness
♦ Improve productivity

Fulfilling Customer Needs
3 main pillars of strength in the corrugating field to make our company successful are:
♦ Flexibility
♦ Reliability
♦ Modern Technology

For the past several years, Sun Dextrine Sdn Bhd has been working hand in hand with the corrugated board producer to develop an efficient & solutions for the carton producer.

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