Products & Services
Plastics Division
Prime Engineering and Commodity Plastics
With the support of world-class resin makers, we handle wide range of prime engineering and commodity plastics which include:

PC                     : General purpose PC, High Heat PC, Flame Retardant PC, CD grade PC, Glass Reinforced PC

PMMA            : General Purpose PMMA

PC/ABS alloy : General Purpose PC/ABS, Flame Retardant PC/ABS

ABS                 : High Heat ABS, Transparent ABS, Anti-static ABS, Glass Reinforced ABS

POM                : Various Viscosity of POM grades

Nylon               : PA 6, PA66, PA12

PS                     : High Impact PS, Conductive PS, Anti-static PS

Off-grades & Recycled Plastics
Besides that, in order to achieve customer cost-performance expectation, we also provide cost down solution to our customer by supplying high quality off-grade and recycled plastics. We are not only trading of those materials but also act as a checking gate to assure only high quality off-grades and recycled plastics are delivered to the customer.

Off-grades & Recycled PC

Off-grades & Recycled ABS

Off-grades & Recycled PS

Off-grades & Recycled AS

Off-grades & Recycled PE
Specialty Plastics Compounding
Aligned with our vision of becoming one-stop plastics solution provider, Shoji Frank (M) Sdn. Bhd. also actively involved in spec-in activities as well as providing alternative solution to domestic E&E and automotive industries.

Being a company under the Frank Group of Companies, our in-house plastics compounding capability enables us to add value to our core trading items by designing a specific compound suitable to our customers. With this synergistic strength, our customers may have plenty of choices in terms of COST, PERFORMANCE, COLORS & etc.

The capability of adding value to the prime plastics resin has made us well-differenciated from other trading companies. As a one-stop solutions provider, we are always able to modify the material properties/ performance according to customer's request. For example, HDT, MFR, % of Glass Filler, Surface Resistivity, Impact Strength, UV Resistance, Flame Resistance, Hardness, and Color can always be specifically designed for our customer. And most importantly, those value-added service delivered to our customers are at a very competitive cost.

Silicones Division
We are the local distributor for silicones & grease products.   Silicones are high performance materials with unlimited potential combining the features of both organics and inorganics. Silicone bonds have high bonding energy which makes up inorganic materials including glass and quartz. Silicones are thus chemically stable and exhibit outstanding heat and weather resistance. The molecular structure is helical and high flexible. This quality gives silicone its high compressibility and cold-resistant properties. Low intermolecular force results in the low surface tension of silicones and their properties of water repellency and the mold-releasability.

We carry wide range of silicone products covering the following applications:
     1.  General Electrical Applications
     2.  General Purpose Industrial RTV Silicone
     3.  Flame Resistance Applications
     4.  Silicone Grease


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