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Product Range
♦ Starch modifier. Known as EH-01, EH 03, PF-03
♦ Stabilizer known as EB-01
♦ Water / Moisture resistance known as RB-01, RB-05, XE-05, PF-04, EH-10
♦ Increase glue line hardness known as EB-05

Strengths and Advantages
♦ Shearing Stability
Our glue additive can strengthen the bonding glue molecules to create viscosity stability against the physical stress of pump, high speed glue rollers and other machine stress. With a stable viscosity, we are able to achieve constant, uniform glue pick up by the paper on the glue roller even with long period of time.

♦ Short Molecular Chain Structure
Our glue additives can modify long starch molecular chain into smaller / short molecular chain structure with a specified visco elasticity to achieve favorable rheological property. With those properties improvement, the compactness of the glue will be increased on the flute tip perfectly with reduced wastage due to leakage.

♦ Strong Tack
Our additives have unique water pick-up characteristic which contribute to strong tack property. The strong bonding forces are contributed by the combination of the swollen granules (Primary fraction) and chain polymer (secondly fraction) when contact occur between the glue flute and the linear paper. The water molecular will carry chain polymer diffuse into the inner part of the process. Once high heat is applied, the starch will gel / be cooked. The starch will become gelatine and will form a strong bonding within the paper.

♦ Moisture Resistance
Our additives are blended from synthetic resin. It will create a covalent bond within the starch and synthetic resin, after curing will form a semi synthetic resin which will increase the moisture resistance to the paper boards.


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